Smart Check-in System, a modern and secure digital experience

Do not waste any more time in laborious check-in and check-out with our secure digital system. We offer a touchless and keyless experience that will allow you to gain autonomy and enjoy your stay safely.

Welcome to the Marina Gardens Boutique & Suites Hotel.

Please find below the information to access the residence and your Suite:

  • After the booking, you will receive two emails and a text message.
  • The first email contains all your Check-in information
  • The second email and the SMS contain the Digital Key (pin code) to access both the residence and your Suite

Residence access:

  • Insert the Pin code in the Keypad at the entrance
  • Or via an app usable on the phone (information will be given in the e-mail)

Room access:

  • Insert the Pin code on the multifunctional tablet, which will unlock the keypad
  • Or insert the Pin code on the Keypad (placed below the tablet)
  • Wait for the door to unlock