From the depths of the oceans, through its teeming marine life, to the surface of the water, the oceans come in all shades of blue, with touches of green, yellow and grey.

In this exhibition, you will discover a variety of works from around the world, all inspired by the ocean, its colors, its life and its materiality. Through this exhibition, beyond the aesthetic aspect, we wish to raise public awareness of this vital ecosystem, create ecological and social responsibility and stimulate debate.

Our approach is positive and pragmatic. We wish to highlight realistic and concrete solutions, aimed at promoting sustainable development: locally through specific and tangible initiatives and internationally by emulating them. The exhibition includes about ten artworks and an installation presented in our hall. Guests and visitors can enjoy the art while walking through the common area or while having breakfast.



Between 2018 and 2019 Fifthwall commissioned professional photographers and gave them the mission to visit and photograph the most iconic urban art neighborhoods in Paris, London, New York and Miami. Walking through neighborhoods such as Shoerditch, Wynwood and Brooklyn, the photographers, and in particular Charles Xelot, captured unique works of street art set in their natural urban environment.

This photographic essay documents an ephemeral art during a pivotal period, the end of the 2010 decade, when the arrival of real estate investors in these neighborhoods dramatically transformed the soul of the place. Gentrification has had a significant impact on the artistic flourishing that historically vibrated in these neighborhoods. This documentary is an trace of what can be considered the end of an era.

The temporary exhibition is presented in the Suites and is not accessible to the public. The art pieces from this private collection are scattered throughout the rooms, making each one singular and unique.


Before our group became the owner of this land, there was a plan to expand the old building that would have led to the destruction of the centuries-old garden where Marina Gardens is located and the mineralization of the entire area. Fifthwall preferred to preserve this natural setting in which many local and regional tree species are concentrated.

Today, this park is honored and preserved. The maintenance of the garden does not use chemicals, the watering system was designed with an ingenious technology that recovers moisture from the sandy soil rather than using water from the network or the water table. We also required the landscapers to use only native species. In order to take full advantage of the potential of this garden and to make it coherent with our artistic posture we plan to welcome artists active in art connected to nature who will use this site to install their works and installations.